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Optimize results and times for a new generation factory.



High level of biological detail for research.



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Neurallead Maker is the visual editor for creating and training custom neural networks without writing a line of code.

If, in addition to being specialists in other professional fields, you also have advanced knowledge in programming, then you can also implement scripts made in languages like C#, C++, and Python 3.

Additionally, with the integrated 3D visualization, you can see your neural networks in action and gain a visual understanding of their functioning. And with our free cloud service, you can download datasets, plugins, and share your neural networks with the world.

Use Neurallead today to create and train your cutting-edge neural networks and become an expert in artificial intelligence.

Feature 01

Top performances

In your projects you will use only the necessary neurons, making the execution and learning process faster, with high performance, while keeping energy consumption low.

Feature 02


When you use NeuralLead you realize that you won't need to write any code while generating or training your neural network. NeuralLead is suitable for beginners, but also for professionals who want to save time, to devote to their business or research.

Feature 03


Programmers love neurallead because they can create scripts within the editor in different languages C#, Python 3 and C++, for example creating custom connections between neurons.

Feature 04


Lots of built-in plugins that will let you manage your video and audio data with 1 click.

Feature 05


Neurallead allows your systems to easily interface with the outside world by associating an input device (webcam, microphone, etc.).
To emulate human senses (sight, hearing, touch etc), or other sensors directly with your neural network, you can also connect yours and customize the perception of your sensors.

Feature 06

Be Productive

See how your neural network works in 3D and get better results.

#announcement Kiirocoin & NeuralLead have been in partnership since 18 September 2023.

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What is NeuralLead?

NeuralLead is not a product or a service, but is mainly a community made up of enthusiasts, developers, and researchers in the scientific field. It was founded in 2019 by SimonJRiddix, a company made up of researchers and developers who work in the field of neuroscience. The goal of NeuralLead is to advance and disseminate neuroscience research and work to safeguard sentient life forms, possible and existing.

NeuralLead has no economic return objectives and does not aim to maximize capital.
Every registered user automatically becomes part of the community, enjoying all available benefits.

So, is NeuralLead part of a non-profit organization?

No, SimonJRiddix's developers and researchers require funds to operate in this vast and fascinating field; furthermore, the management of hardware and software requires expenses, so generating revenue is necessary. Every software, including NeuralLead core and NeuralLead Maker, is 100% free. Only dedicated and specific services that may or may not be activated from the cloud, such as renting remote hardware, require payment.

Why is some of the code of NeuralLead not open source?

The founder of SimonJRiddix spent several years researching ethical, social, and environmental aspects before deciding to start the NeuralLead project and determining how it should be distributed. He decided to limit the distribution of certain parts of the program to make decompilation of the distributed software less efficient.
SimonJRiddix is always willing to change his mind about publishing the source code in full, but only after careful analysis of the actual use of NeuralLead technology by society.

What to do if you're not an expert in artificial intelligence?

NeuralLead aims to simplify the creation and training of neural networks as much as possible.
Thanks to this, we constantly update our tools to make them as user-friendly as possible, while simultaneously enriching them to provide the most advanced and complex features for experts.

If you're a beginner or want to stay updated on the latest trends, you have 4 main options:

Each learning method is different and varies from person to person. We recommend taking a look at all 4 learning methods and choosing the ones that are most comfortable for you.

Can I earn money with NeuralLead?

There are several ways to earn money with NeuralLead.

The ones most closely related to the platform are:

  • Referrals: advertise NeuralLead and earn a percentage for each paying subscriber. Our confirmation is required to register for this service.
  • Rent My Machine: keep your computer on 24/7 and get paid by those who need to borrow your computing power.
  • Earn from Rent My Machine

    Float32 TFlops Earn Hour Earn Day Earn Month Earn Year
    1 TFlop 0.04029 kiiro 0.96697 kiiro 29.00918 kiiro 352.94501 kiiro
    NVidia 3090 Ti (40 TFlops) 1.61 kiiro 38.68 kiiro 1160.37 kiiro 14117.8 kiiro
    NVidia 4090 (82 TFlops) 3.3 kiiro 79.29 kiiro 2378.75 kiiro 28941.49 kiiro
    AMD RX 6600 (51 TFlops) 2.05 kiiro 49.32 kiiro 1479.47 kiiro 18000.2 kiiro
    AMD RX 7900 XTX (61 TFlops) 2.46 kiiro 58.99 kiiro 1769.56 kiiro 21529.65 kiiro
    Float32 TFlops Earn Hour Earn Day Earn Month Earn Year
    1 TFlop $ 0.00161 $ 0.03864 $ 1.1592 $ 14.1036
    NVidia 3090 Ti (40 TFlops) $ 0.06 $ 1.55 $ 46.37 $ 564.14
    NVidia 4090 (82 TFlops) $ 0.13 $ 3.17 $ 95.05 $ 1156.5
    AMD RX 6600 (51 TFlops) $ 0.08 $ 1.97 $ 59.12 $ 719.28
    AMD RX 7900 XTX (61 TFlops) $ 0.1 $ 2.36 $ 70.71 $ 860.32

    Search your GPU TFlops on

  • DataMining: Another method of earning is DataMining, unlike Rent My Machine, with DataMining the earnings are constant. The world of AI needs data, a lot of data to properly train a neural network.

    - How does DataMining work?

    The neurallead cloud has data that needs to be validated before being used. Your GPU connected to NeuralLead validates the data along with many other GPUs. If the data processed by your GPU is valid, you are rewarded up to 1209.6 kiirocoins per day.

    - How do I earn with DataMining?

    Every day 1209.6 kiirocoins are distributed based on the percentage of your data validated and counter-validated by the server.
    Let's take an example: If your GPU validates 5000 data in a day and on the same day 40000 data were validated by all users, your earnings percentage will be 12.5%, which is 151.2 kiirocoins.

    - Can I connect with multiple GPUs and PCs simultaneously?

    Sure! As many as you want.

  • I'm a Maker: create DataSets and Plugins to be offered for free or for sale on our cloud; you will earn a percentage for each user who purchases your creations.
  • DataSets are essential elements for the world of machine learning & AI; without DataSets, it is not possible to train a neural network, and without training, the neural network is not capable of doing "anything."

    DataSets are provided to the neural network during training and can be graphical (images or videos), auditory, textual, sensor data like temperature, or executable programs...

    NeuralLead Maker gives you the opportunity to create your own DataSets in ultra-short times, thanks to its integrated or downloaded plugins. You can also publish your DataSets in the NeuralLead cloud in three forms:

    • Private, no one can see them except those who have access to your neural lead profile (Email & Password)
    • Public for free, you can upload your data to the cloud, and anyone with access to the platform can download them for free
    • Public for a fee, this way you can publish all your data and make them available to the community for a predetermined amount set by you, with an amount equal to or greater than $2 or 50.05 kiirocoins.

      NeuralLead will retain 30% of the amount you set for every download of your DataSet.

    The least related to the platform are:

    • Freelancing services: these are external services not connected in any way to NeuralLead or SimonJRiddix and allow you to get in touch with clients who require occasional services for small or large projects that require one or more developers.

    Freelancing services can be highly competitive, so before pursuing this path, we recommend increasing your skills in the AI & ML sector, and especially with NeuralLead.

    Why choose NeuralLead?

    We could talk about how processor performance continuously increases by 21% each month, or how RAM usage is lower compared to other solutions, but that's all documented in NeuralLead's documentation. Instead, let's talk about how NeuralLead is optimized, because unlike other frameworks, NeuralLead focuses on and concentrates on the devices it runs on.

    What does that mean?

    Generally, when software is downloaded, it's compiled once in a generic way so that it can be run on multiple devices without fully utilizing the architecture it runs on. As a result, the performance of generic software is underutilized on an architecture and can have a drastic drop in performance when run on another architecture. NeuralLead does not follow this logic.

    How does NeuralLead fully utilize the architecture?

    When you create a neural network, an Articial Intelligence, or an Machine Learning model, NeuralLead Maker is constantly connected to our cloud systems, exchanging information about the hardware you are using to create or train the neural network.

    Every time your neural network is created or trained, NeuralLead Maker asks our cloud systems to recompile all the necessary software to adapt it to the hardware you're using, so that we can choose the optimal configuration from billions of possible options to fully utilize your hardware, completely automatically and without you needing to know the technical details of your hardware and operating system.

    Can you give me a technical example?

    Sure, let's imagine that a user has an old Intel Core processor, which has 2 internal cores.

    This means that if you used multithreading, you would execute 2 neurons at a time (neurons x cores), but the cloud chooses to recompile NeuralLead's base software, ignoring multithreading to use AVX/SSE2 instructions, so that the simulation can execute 4 neurons simultaneously instead of 2.

    This process applies to every architecture, hardware, and operating system, whether it's an AMD/Intel processor, an NVidia/ATI graphics card, a Raspberry Pi, or a supercomputer cluster distributed with multiple interconnected hardware. Furthermore, the process also extends to the operating system, whether it's Linux, Windows, Mac OS X... without you needing to know the details of your hardware.

    So do I need to keep NeuralLead connected to the cloud service all the time?

    No, this process is only executed when creating and training the neural network, so when using NeuralLead Maker. Once you have created and trained your neural network, you only need to choose on which platforms it will run, and NeuralLead Maker will do a final cloud compilation, and no further connection to our cloud systems is necessary.

    Does inference require a cloud connection?

    No, as mentioned earlier, cloud compilation is only necessary during the creation and training of your neural network. So once you have distributed your neural network, our cloud compilation service will not be used in any way.

    But how much does it cost me?

    Nothing, enjoy it for free, in fact, get creative and let NeuralLead Maker recommend hardware combinations to get the most out of it.

Same population of neurons and synapses input: 728, output: 9

Trial duration: 100 samples

Total Trials: 10 000 samples


NeuralLead comparisons

Done in 2 seconds

Google Framework

Google Framework

Done in 1:23 minute

other popular framework

Another popular framework

Done in 34 seconds

Other advantages?

With Neurallead, it's possible to run second-generation neural models (feedforward with ReLu, Sigmoid, SeLu activation functions or RNN, LSTM...) and third-generation models ( Spike Neural Network : Izhikevich 4/9 parameters, Leaky Integrated Fire, Hodgkin-Huxley ) separately or together, meaning in the same neural network to get the best of both worlds.

Additionally, it's possible to create different neural networks and simulate them in a single brain. In fact, the human brain is a collection of neural networks with different connections between areas, forming a single brain capable of different intelligences.

Another advantage is to execute your neural network on different distributed computers to increase performance. Therefore, you can create your neural network with NeuralLead Maker on Windows and simultaneously train it on a Linux computer equipped with video cards.

Interesting! Any other advantages?

Usually, other neural network frameworks and libraries use arithmetic operations on matrices and vectors, creating a level of abstraction of the functioning of neurons and groups of neurons that leads to an advantage in terms of performance, while NeuralLead does not.

In fact, NeuralLead uses dynamics of operations between neurons and synapses much more similar to the biological functioning of natural neural networks. Furthermore, this difference also allows greater flexibility during the predisposition and connection between neurons, as with NeuralLead, you can connect neurons and groups of neurons in any way you want, without any limitations.

We try to be as inspired as possible by nature, obtaining unique training practices. In fact, NeuralLead does not only focus on neurons and synapses but is inspired by many other cells that are in our brain, such as glial cells, including astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, radial glia, Schwann cells, which allow, for example, the creation or elimination of synapses and neurons during training, allowing a much cleaner and more efficient neural network.

Inspiration from nature is high since NeuralLead allows the simulation of neurotransmitters, chemical substances in the brain that allow altered message transmission between neurons.
Do you remember when you were happy, in love, or angry? Emotions largely depend on the amount of neurotransmitter transmission in the brain.

Imagine the possibilities you can give to your creations! In fact, drugs and many mental health medications are chemical substances that alter the traditional functioning of neurotransmitters. If you work in scientific research, with NeuralLead, in addition to simulating neurotransmitters, you can also create virtual drugs useful for the functioning of your neural networks or for scientific and medical research in the study of the brain, reducing the use of animal subjects in the laboratory.

If you are a software and hardware developer or a researcher in the field of biology, you will understand the potential of NeuralLead!

We know that smart people take the right chances

Ok but how much does this tecnology cost?

You and your wallet will be happy to know that NeuralLead and NeuralLead Maker are completely free.

Do I have to pay you in any way for what I create?